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We are a large group of doctors and engineers working in health, construction and investment fields in Saudi Arabia, Gulf countries, Europe, America and Canada for many years. We work in a number of large state and private hospitals and the largest construction and investment companies in the world. We also make important contributions to humanitarian activities and voluntary social services in the communities we live in and outside.

We have established a holding company in the medical and educational fields in Istanbul, Turkey and the company (Matihco) has given the name Medical Arabic-Turkish Investing Holding Company. Matihco is the first Arab-Turkish company depending on the rate of dividends it pays to its shareholders in Turkey and in terms of its purpose, incorporation form, advantages, and benefits.

We have received the highest level of support from the Turkish Government in order to invest in medical, health, education and all other fields with an excellent strategy and we have seen important facilitations in many aspects.


To achieve leadership in the fields of medical and health investment and related sectors within the forthcoming twenty years by means of five integrated companies and to reach the global platform.


To improve and develop the medical field in all the countries we work in, to provide all kinds of medical and health services with the most modern equipment in internationally distinguished care and performance quality standards.







Features and benefits

An investment for you and your children's future.

Investments in integrated sectors.

Achieving balanced profits in most market conditions.

Why invest with us?

Achieving guaranteed profits.

Comfortable investment in all economic fluctuations.

Excellent management experiences.


Facts and Numbers


Number of beds.


Specialized labor


years of experience with competencies


Trusted Clients

Invest In Turkey

Turkey's economic growth rate is the strongest indicator of Turkey’s power of appealing more investors and of providing employment.
Thus, Turkish and foreign workers will have more job opportunities.

Health and Investment

Corona crisis has made it clear that medical investment needs more efforts and health will play the biggest role in the world and is a strong investment attraction.

Why Istanbul?

Istanbul is a city with a deep-rooted history where civilizations meet, combining ancient history and modernity, and is the symbol of the coexistence of different cultures.

Investment Opportunities

Our Distinguished Investment Opportunity :

  • Our investment is successful, has a good return on profit, and includes social and scientific aspects with a vision for a clear and distinguished future. Therefore, we received significant support from the Turkish Government.
  • Significant facilities will be provided for obtaining a work permit and residence permit for those who will invest more than 100 thousand dollars.
  • Significant facilitation will be provided under the law on the equivalence of medical, dental and pharmaceutical diploma degrees and other diploma degrees.
  • Tax exemption will be provided in the first five years of the investment and the 18 percent income tax will be applied in the later years.