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Announcement of the purchase of (Medilife Bağcılar) hospital.


Announcement of the purchase of (Medilife Bağcılar) hospital.

We thank our investors and thank you all for fulfilling the dream and the acquisition and receipt of our share was completed at The Medlife Bağcılar Hospital on 01/04/2020

Medical Arabic-Turkish Investing Holding Company (MATIHCO) is an innovative idea and initiative for a group of high-minded founders, taking on the great dream of a holding company in medical investment. The road began professionally and relied on the best companies in financial consulting to complete all financial studies, and the best companies in legal consulting to protect the rights of investors and ensure company follow legal practices. They adopted the best management expertise to build a tight management structure that ensures that the company's strategic plan is achieved in reaching all its future companies under the umbrella of the holding company.

After four years of strenuous effort, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Eng. Mhd Wassem Barikhan, on his behalf and on behalf of the Board of Directors, received the first company hospital (Medlife Bağcılar).
After completing the financial procedures and signing the final contracts and in the presence of the financial consulting company and the legal consulting company, we have owned our share in this successful and distinguished hospital. The ownership transfer was successfully completed despite the difficult circumstances in the time of the Corona.

We take this opportunity to thank everyone who was with us during this time:
Prof. Dr. Recep Akdağ, deputy prime minister.
Dr. Ahmet Demircan / Former Minister of Health.
Prof. Dr. Ismail Safa Kapıcıoğlu / Deputy Director of Higher Education.
Mr. Hulusi Doğan / Former Deputy Governor of Istanbul and current Aide to Izmir.
Mr. Lokman Çağırıcı / Mayor of Bağcılar.
Mr. Mustafa Eldivan / Bağcılar Maqam.
Mr. Hakan Bahadır / Mayor of Bahçelievler.
Mr. Mustafa Göksu / Commercial Consul of the Presidency of the Turkish Republic in the Gulf States.
Göksü Safi Işık (GSI) / Law Firm.
Atlas/ Financial Advisors.
Gelişim / Law Firm.
Mr. Mehmet Salih İşsever / Director of the Participatory Agricultural Bank Aminonu Branch, Istanbul.
Mr. Abdullah akdemir / Former Agricultural Bank Director, Aminonu Branch and Current Director of Maltepe Branch.

Our future projects, development plans for the hospital and our investments are not finished and we welcome any new investments to achieve our full grand vision.