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Dr. Adnan Al-Mustafa

General Manager

  • Received a bachelor's degree in Human Medicine from the Universities of Madrid, Spain (1989), a Spanish Board certificate in gastroenterology (1994) and a doctorate in medicine (1998).
  • Adviser of gastroenterology and hepatology in King Saud Medical City in Riyadh and former head of gastroenterology units in some hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Former director of hospital gastrology medical education and rehabilitation at the Saudi Commission and associate professor of medical students at the Imam University in Riyadh.
  • He is a member of numerous international chambers of medicine in his field of expertise and has written extensively in medical journals.
  • Sima is a member of Medical Aid Association.
  • Currently, he is the general manager and the vice president of the Medical Arabic-Turkish Investing Holding Company.
Dr. Adnan Al-Mustafa