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Dr. Muwaffak Hijazi

Medical Director

  • Received a Bachelor's degree in Human Medicine in the year of 1981.
  • Received a pediatrics diploma degree in 1988 in Dublin/Ireland and a scholarship for a pediatric course in London in 1995.
  • Dr. Muwaffak Hijazi received a pediatric course scholarship in 1996 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia/Riyadh. Also, Dr. Hijazi held various positions such as pediatric counseling in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia/Riyadh.
  • He also served as a founding member “Sima” and a board member of the Syrian Expatriates Medical Association.
  • Dr. Muwaffak Hijazi has more than 30 years of experience in pediatrics in private and public hospitals in Riyadh.
  • He currently serves as a board member and a health director at the Medical Arabic-Turkish Investing Holding Company.
Dr. Muwaffak Hijazi