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First Investment Phase

First Investment Phase

In 2018 an investment holding company was founded in Turkey, Istanbul. Necessary contracts were executed with the best and most excellent companies in the fields of law, finance, economics, accounting, auditing, media, and marketing services.

More than 10 hospitals were examined, followed up, and comprehensive and detailed economic feasibility studies were conducted on two hospitals. The company has chosen the most useful and profitable hospital. The legal and financial investigation about the above-mentioned hospital was completed, the security of its legal and financial situation was confirmed, and an agreement has been executed for the purchase of ninety percent shares of the hospital.

Our investor group includes world-famous and distinguished physicians in their own medical specialties. An agreement has been executed with the most renowned Arab medical professors in the world to ensure the accompaniment of the hospital with high-quality specialist treatment centers and to provide advanced health and medical services in all specialties.

An integrated program to develop the medical tourism sector for the treatment of patients in Turkey's neighboring countries, Middle East countries, North Africa, the Arab Gulf region and Europe and to ensure compliance with health and a clear plan was developed. Preliminary agreements have been made with the two neighboring countries and substantial sister hospital negotiations with many hospitals in other countries are still underway.