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Investment Phases

Investment Phases

In accordance with the strategic plan of the company, we will possess five companies under the roof of Medical Arabic-Turkish Investing Holding Company within the next twenty years. In case the investment giant is realized, this period will be even shorter.

First Investment Phase :

As we mentioned earlier, a 9,000-square-meter hospital was acquired.The hospital has 16 specialist departments with a specialist study team and 450 technical staff. The hospital has an international ISO certificate for health and quality management for the year 2018 and an evaluation of 98% by the Turkish Standards Institute. For ensuring the health treatment and compliance for medical recreation, it has been selected among only 38 hospitals in Turkey. The hospital is located in the most densely populated area of the province of Istanbul and is highly developed according to our integrated strategy plan.


Second Investment Phase :

To create 7 departments within the scope of important basic specialties in the hospital and modernize and develop them:

  • Oncology department.
  • Department of cardiac surgery.
  • Department of the digestive system, glands and laparoscopic surgery.
  • Orthopedics and prosthesis department.
  • Aesthetics department.
  • Department of Nephrology and Urology.
  • Department of Psychotherapy.


Third Investment Phase :
University Hospital

Expansion of the hospital and the addition of scientific expertise departments in order to fulfill university hospital standards :

  • Increasing the inpatient bed availability to over 260.
  • Expanding the study team to over 660 personnel.
  • Increasing the number of expertise and medical departments.
  • Completion of the features, standards, administrative and research infrastructure in accordance.


Forth Investment Phase :
Integrated medical tourism services company.


Fifth Investment Phase :

Establishment of a university in Turkey hosting the following sciences and faculties.

  • Medical and health sciences including faculty of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy.
  • Administrative, financial and medical management sciences.
  • Engineering, technology and industrial sciences.
  • Humanities and linguistics.
  • Applied technical specialty faculties.

Once the previous projects were completed, necessary plans were realized to launch the university opening project. In order to transform the hospital into an academic hospital and research center that will serve the aspirations of the university and increase the profit in the investment process, the process of expanding the capacity of the hospital will be completed and service quality will be improved.


Sixth Investment Phase :
Pharmaceutical factory and trade.


Seventh Investment Phase :
Tekaful insurance company.