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Project Thought

Project Thought

With reference to the health service needs of Turkish society, foreign people who reside in Turkey and foreign people who travel to Turkey, the idea of establishing a charitable hospital to serve foreign people who travel to Turkey, foreign people who reside in Turkey and also Turkish society has emerged.

Afterward, the idea of producing a medical investment project based on elite intelligence, skills, and experience was developed to provide health services with high income and profit yields, to make investments and to continuously renew and diversify the investment income that will serve the future aspirations of a large group of investors and their families.

A functioning and profitable hospital with high performance has been acquired. We will try to develop this hospital with a solid and comprehensive plan to become a leader in this field and to improve it to be a comprehensive hospital according to the highest Turkish and international quality standards.

Subsequently, the investment development phase involving the theoretical and practical training and health fields has been started. A strategic plan has been determined for all improvement and development phases.